Little Tikes Clearly Sport Hockey

Toddlers will have learning how to play hockey with the Little Tikes Clearly Sports Hockey set. The pucks have molded in gliders to help them slide for a distance and with the colored balls inside every hit sounds like a goal shot!

The Clearly Sports Hockey toy set is a great way to teach toddlers the fundamentals of hockey! Colorful balls inside the hockey pucks clatter when hit to enhance a child's excitement during play. When hockey time is complete the pucks store inside the hockey sticks for safe keeping!


• Molded in gliders on the bottom of the  hockey pucks
  • Every shot sounds like a goal shot 
   • Colorful balls clatter inside the hockey pucks
   • Pucks easily store inside the hockey sticks
  • Includes:
     * 2- Hockey sticks
     * 2- Hockey pucks

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