Mysmartkid Programme

 The brand is open up to anyone that wants to purchase it.  CONCEPTS will be our introductory Theme that will have your backpack and growing up book.

The Mysmartkid programme follows the South African National Curriculum to ensure that a child reaches each of the important developmental milestones necessary for school. These developmental areas are as follows:

  • Wellbeing focuses on good health and the development of physical skills such as gross and fine motor skills.
  • Identity refers to the strong sense of self which is essential for a child’s transition from new-born to self-assured adult.
  • Creativity centres on problem-solving, critical thinking, self-awareness and imagination.
  • Concepts help to develop body awareness and spatial orientation as well as the understanding of sizes, shapes, numbers and colours.
  • Communication forms the foundation of the skills children need for language and speech development.
  • My World is the area in which children learn about their environment through their sensory experiences.



Mysmartkidis South Africa's leading programme for Early Childhood Development (ECD)! Here are the top fifteen reasons to join today and give your child a smart start:

1.  When you join Mysmartkid, you get two free welcome gifts – a kiddies’ backpack worth R175 and an Early Childhood Development handbook for parents.

2.  For only R299 (delivery included) every two months, your little one gets a Smartbox filled with age-appropriate toys, educational products and tailor-made information and activities.

3.  We offer the only fully-fledged Afrikaans programme of this kind in the form of Mysmartkid! Members receive all communication, guides, activities, and books  in Afrikaans.

4.  Ours is the only programme of its kind with a dedicated panel of experts to guide you through all developmental areas from before birth until your munchkin goes to primary school!

5.  Our expert team consists of an educational psychologist, counselling psychologist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and art psychotherapist. 

6.  The programme is based on the South African Department of Education's National Curriculum Framework for ECD.

7.  We address your child's emotional, physical, cognitive and social development with six developmental areas – Wellbeing, Identity, Creativity, Concepts, Communication and My World.

8.  Each Smartbox also contains a full-colour Parent Guide which explains the purpose of the contents of the box with great ideas and fun activities.

9. Through playing and learning we take the guesswork out of helping your child meet all their milestones!


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