LEGO Friends Emmas Creative Workshop

Design and create with Emma in her sewing workshop with the LEGO Friends Emmas Creative Workshop!
Emma is sewing beautiful hair bows to sell on her e-shop. Check the sewing pattern on her whiteboard and use the sticky notes to add changes or new ideas. Then its time to get cutting, but which colour will make the nicest bows? Get to work at the sewing machine to help Emma turn her designs into beautiful creations ready to buy-she just needs to take pictures and upload them to her website. The LEGO Friends Emmas Creative Workshop 41115 includes desk with a sewing machine and opening drawers, chair, lamp, whiteboard with bow patterns and a computer desk with a window, flowerpot, Emma mini-doll figure, fabric bricks of different colours, threads, scissors, 5 bows, sticky notes, camera, computer and 108 bricks.
Sewing desk with machine measures over 4cm wide, 3cm deep and under 2cm high. Computer desk with window measures over 8cm high, 3cm deep and under 2cm wide.
  • 5 YEARS
  • 5-12 yrs
  • 14 CM
  • 4.5 CM
  • 15.7 CM

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