RoboCop Helmet

For kids who want to pretend to be part-human, part-robot like the title character of the 2014 remake RoboCop, the RoboCop Helmet is a nice non-battery-operated roleplay toy. The helmet includes soft chin support and an adjustable elastic strap. Even though the plastic helmet comes down over kids' eyes, there are hidden eye holes to make it easy for kids to see where they're going when wearing this helmet.

Is It Fun?

This helmet is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Kids will love pretending to be like RoboCop when wearing this helmet.

Who It’s For

The RoboCop Helmet is for RoboCop fans ages 4 and up. RoboCop is going to be rated PG-13, and that may mean that many kids who will love playing with this toy may not see the movie for a while. But they'll certainly be part of all the cultural excitement it will create, and this and other RoboCop toys let them be part of it.

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