Xploderz Invader X3

Xploderz X3, the next generation of Xploderz blasters, has arrived. The Xploderz Invader X3 Blaster contains the new Select-A-Shot feature that allows for up to three rounds of ammo to be shot at one time. The Invader X3 features an auto-reloading feature to quickly load and fire with one stroke. The Invader X3 shoots up to 100 feet and up to 75 rounds per minute. Comes with 150 rounds of ammo. Xploderz patented ammo system allows you to grow your own ammo for unlimited play.
 X3 Invader Blaster
Xploderz Ammo Clip ? holds 75 rounds
150 Xploderz Ammo Refills

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